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​Creative LifeStyles, Inc. adheres to the mandatory education and background requirements of all employees working with developmentally disabled individuals in New York State.  The requirements listed below are not optional, therefore every potential employee must provide or pass the education and the pre-employement requirements.  

Education Requirements

All positions within Creative LifeStyles, Inc. require at least a high school diploma or GED.  Our program management and administrative positions may require a higher level of education and/or certification i.e Associates, Bachelors, Masters degree and licensure.  These specific qualifications are highlighted in individual job postings.

Pre-Employement Requirements

All candidates are subject to the following background checks:  Staff Exclusion List (SEL), Criminal Background Check (CBC), Child Abuse Registry, MHL Check List, Pre-Employment Drug Screening.  Candidates must provide two negative PPD results within one calendar year, or results from a blood test or XRay showing no signs of TB.


The above mentioned background checks must come back without a history in order to move forward with the onboarding process.

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