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Welcome to Residential Services at Creative LifeStyles Inc. Creative LifeStyles Inc. began providing Residential Services to the MR/DD population in the Bronx in 1997, with the development of our first seven bed Individualized Residential Alternative. After significant outreach to the community and person with disabilities, the Agency’s founder and Executive Directive Ms. Ann Hill, made a commitment to provide Residential services in the Bronx .


Since the successful development of that first Residential program Creative LifeStyles, Inc. has grown to provide Residential supports to forty-one adults with development disabilities in nine different, Individualized Residential Alternatives throughout the Bronx .The Residential services department at Creative Lifestyles Inc. provides twenty–four hour care and supports to persons with various levels of developmental disabilities. Our adults with disabilities are provided with a safe and nurturing home in which they can actualize their hopes and dreams by meeting their valued outcomes in life.


The residential program provides individualized skills training to each person receiving service to maximize their independence, by building daily living skills. Creative LifeStyles Inc. residents are actively engaged in community events and recreational outings that provide them the opportunity to be productive members of their community; while simultaneously providing them with opportunities to interact with non-disabled persons.


Annually, the residents, staff and Administrators put together a summer itinerary that supports the community involvement and recreational interest of the consumers. The itinerary includes activities such as the planting of flowers boxes in the community and recreational trips to theme park; such as Great Adventure and Hershey Park.  Creative LifeStyles Inc. seeks to maintain and support the most Creative, successful, independent and meaningful life for the individuals that we service in our IRA’s and throughout the agency. To qualify for Residential Service with CLS, you must be at least 18 years of age, a resident of the Bronx and Medicaid eligible. Good luck in your quest to find the most suitable Residential opportunity.

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