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Cardio Club

The Cardio Club otherwise known as the “Cardio Club” officially opened in June 2008. It is health and fitness club for people with developmental disabilities. The club provides an environment where the physical fitness and healthy life styles needs of the participants are addressed. It also provides vocational and day habilitation experience for the Peer Trainers. Those deemed Peer Trainers have the opportunity to learn how to run the day-to-day operations of a business.

Health and Awareness Classes


When one attends our Cardio Club the participant will learn about total health. Our program is based on healthy lifestyle choices inclusive of healthy eating, portion control, muscular and skeletal anatomy, illness and disease prevention and recovery.


Fitness Classes:


Yoga/ Pilates

These classes combine stretching, deep breathing and relaxation techniques to help relieve stress and improve strength, flexibility and enhance their stamina.


Cardiovascular Exercise

Classes such kickboxing, Zumba, Caribbean and aerobic dance are given. Members also use cardiovascular equipment such as the treadmills, elliptical and stationary bikes. These classes  and the use of the cardiovascular machines assist in boosting energy, helping the blood to circulate and build cardiovascular stamina!


Strength Training and Balance

Strength Training and body sculpting classes helps to build bone density, strengthen and works all major muscle groups in the body using a variety of weighed equipment. Weighed equipment includes: free weights, medicine ball, smart bells, body bar, resistance bands/tubing and the multi-stack machine.


Sports Conditioning

These classes provide the opportunity for the members to participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor sports games. They develop a sense of comradery while building self-esteem.

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