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Once all background information has been received and approved, employees are invited to attend a New Staff Orientation which is conducted by human resources. Policies and procedures of the Agency are reviewed and a new employee handbook is provided as a point of reference for employees.  This is an opportunity to have an open discussion about the expectations of the human resources department and the Agency as a whole.  Following a formal orientation, employees are scheduled for an in-service training which is conducted directly in the specific program the staff is hired for.  Additional details and expectations are reviewed on a program level.


Creative LifeStyles, Inc. provides annual training and recertification in SCIP-R, Standard First Aid and CPR, OSHA, and AMAP. Additional trainings are conducted by the Quality Assurance department on an annual and semi annual basis.


Creative LifeStyles, Inc. accepts trainings from other organizations as long as they are current and formal documentation is provided to human resources upon hire.

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