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Community Habilitation

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Since obtaining CH services after about 10 years of receiving home attendant services, Adam has made a tremendous transformation. CH Specialists have empowered Adam realizing his potential of being more independent instead of dependency. One of Adam’s first service goals was for staff to assist Adam traveled on public buses for one to three stops.Recently, Adam has traveled with staff to Times Square in Manhattan. Adam has not exhibited any apprehension utilizing public transportation for recreational/community outings. Adam has progressed from needing assistance to take his daily shower/bath to working on regulating his bath/shower water to an appropriate/comfortable temperature. Adam is more receptive and complying to engage in more and different activities. Adam is more outgoing and his relationship with his mother and siblings has shown improvement. In the words of his mother, she said, “I don’t know how you guys do it. Adam has done some of the things that I’ve was not able to get him to do before.”

Day Habilitation/ Cardio Club


Kenny is a Peer Trainer at the Cardio Club.  Since 2008 he has transitioned from a 5 day a week participant of the Cardio Club to a part time employee and member. He exemplifies a success. At his core he has become a determined man that knows what he wants in life. He has developed daily routines and healthy habits that demonstrate why he is successful. With the assistance of the Cardio Club staff, his MSC and other ancillary supports systems, Kenny has been able to successfully nativagate his way to being a productive individual to his peers, staff and society.



Takes charge and responsibility of his health

  • He exercises daily at the Cardio Club and on his own at home. He participates in group exercises such as Cardio Sculpt and Mega Mix Aerobics. Three Days a week he completes one hour each of an exercise DVD of his choice. If he misses an exercise session because of an appointment or inclement weather he is determined to make it up. Kenny is aware of the latest fitness trends and likes to try them. He has purchased exercise DVD’s on his own and workouts to them at home.

  • He has learned how to food shop and prepare meals that are healthier than what he used to eat. He eats more lean protein, complex carbohydrates and more fruits and vegetables. Kenny prepares all meals at home and will bring them into the Cardio Club to eat for lunch. When his weight goes up, he knows how to modify his food intake appropriately until he loses the desired weight. He has been able to keep himself trim and at an ideal body weight.


A Determined Kenneth obtains his Driver’s License

  • Although Kenny was getting around town and back and forth to program he saw that other people drove cars.  So he inquired about the steps to take in order to drive a car. He studied daily and practiced driving his relative’s car for the road test. Fortunately, after taking the written test and road test several times, he passed and received his New York State Driver’s license in 2009.


A Sense of Responsibility:   Kenny is a loyal and punctual employee

  • Kenny arrives to the Cardio Club ten minutes before his scheduled time. He is a loyal and punctual person. Once on-site he does not waste any time before he promptly engages in his daily routine. Alongside his peers he ensures that the facility has been cleaned, disinfected, vacuumed and mopped before and after exercise classes. He also ensures that the laundry has been washed, dried, folded and put away. Kenny is also responsible for ensuring that the front and back of the facility is clean of debris.


Social Life

  • In the earlier years Kenny was a quiet and soft spoken individual. He has transformed into a man that for the most part can effectively articulate his wants and needs. In the past he would rarely engage in conversations with his peers or staff. Today, he will initiate conversations mostly about computers/technology, exercise/DVD’s, and vacation locations. Kenny is working on going out into the community to socialize with members of the public and expose himself to new and enriching experiences. In his leisure time he enjoys spending time with family members, going to the movies and playing basketball.


Valentina is a lovely 30 year old woman of Puerto Rican and Cuban descent.  Valentina enjoys listening to music such as R & B, Rap, Bachata, Salsa and Merengue.  She likes to dance and enjoys going to Latin social clubs with her sister “Zori” and friends.  Valentina enjoys watching television; some of her favorite programs include Meet the Browns, Tudors and Dancing with the Stars.   She loves to eat Italian foods such as Lasagna and Penne Vodka and will enjoy Spanish meals and different shrimp dishes.  Valentina’s passion is photography and she hopes to attend the School of Visual Arts so that she can achieve her desire of becoming an accomplished professional photographer.


Tara Success Story

Tara is an incredible young woman who has sought and gained a level of independence she could have never imagined prior to Creative LifeStyles, Inc.  She has a fiery personality and is fiercely independent.  Tara enjoys the theater, movies, parties, music, shopping in the community and spending time with friends. Tara is quite the fashionista and makes time to get her hair and nails done regularly. Tara came to live at Creative LifeStyles, Inc. in 1999. She was shy, very reserved and required 24-hour supervision and supports to care for herself.  Over the years, Tara utilized the training and development provided by her staff and circle of support to achieve the independence she demonstrates currently.  Today, Tara cares for her activities of daily living with limited assistance. She holds a full time job at a local supermarket.  Tara has plans to move into a supported apartment in the community when the right opportunity presents itself. In the meantime, Tara is enjoying her best possible life

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